Table of contents:

I. General terms and conditions
§ 1 Supplier, jurisdiction and definitions
§ 2 Conclusion of contract and storage of the contract text
§ 3 Product selection
§ 4 Payment terms
§ 5 Title retention
§ 6 Shipment and transfer of risk
§ 7 Guarantee§ 8 Limitation of liability
§ 9 Force majeure
§ 10 Final provisions

II. Customer information on distance selling regulations
  1. Identity of the vendor
  2. Essential characteristics of the goods
  3. Creation of the contract
  4. Payment and delivery
  5. Technical steps leading to contract conclusion
  6. Storage and accessibility of the contract text 
  7. Technical means of correcting input mistakes
  8. Languages available for contract conclusion
  9. Code of conduct
10. Online Dispute Resolution

I. General terms and conditions

§ 1 Supplier, jurisdiction and definitions

(1) These general terms and conditions apply to all orders submitted by customers through the web shop of HF Boy Handelsgesellschaft mbH, represented by managing director Mr. Holger Boy, Von-Kurtzrock-Ring 16, 22391 Hamburg, phone: +49-40-226 129 76, email: info(at)
(2) The product presentations are directed equally at consumers and entrepreneurs.
(3) Consumer in terms of these general terms and conditions is any natural person concluding legal business for purposes that cannot not mainly be attributed to their commercial or their independent activities; § 13 BGB. 
(4) Entrepreneurs in terms of these general terms and conditions are natural or legal persons or partnerships, with whom business relationships have been established, who act in pursuit of commercial or independent professional activity; § 14 BGB.

§ 2 Conclusion of contract and storage of the contract text

(1) We conclude contracts exclusively in the German language.
(2) The product presentations in our online shop serve the submission of a purchase offer. By clicking the button "Order to Pay" you submit a binding offer to purchase.
(3) We will immediately after receipt of the offer send you an email message confirming acceptance of the offer (order confirmation) or its rejection. That message includes once again these GT&C, the customer's order data and withdrawal instructions for the consumer.
(4) Your order will be stored by us after contract conclusion. If you have established a personal user account you can view your order data there. If you have no customer account please contact us by email, fax or phone. We will gladly send you a copy of your order data.

§ 3 Product selection

(1) For each product there is a special product description on the corresponding web page.
(2) You can click on the desired products on the website. They will be gathered in a virtual shopping basket and at the end of your purchase you will receive a summary of the products with the total price including value added tax. 
(3) Before dispatching your order we make it possible for you to check your order for correctness, especially of price and quantity, and make corrections if necessary.
(4) You can find the single steps of the order procedure described under "Order Procedure" in our section "Contact and Service".

§ 4 Payment terms

(1) The purchase price becomes due immediately at contract conclusion. Payment for the goods takes place following your choice of one of the payment methods indicated in the context of the order procedure.
(2) Prices on the invoice are always retail prices including value added tax.
(3) In case of late payment caused by you, you will be obliged to pay us default interest of 5 percent above the base rate if you are a consumer (§ 13 BGB). If you are an entrepreneur (§ 14 BGB), § 4 (3) S.1 of these general terms and conditions applies with the provision that the default interest rate amounts to 8 percent above the base rate.
(4) Regardless of § 4 (3) we reserve the right to establish higher damages caused by delay.
(5) You are entitled to offset only if your counterclaim is legally established in court or is undisputed and recognized by us in writing. 

§ 5 Title retention

The goods remain our property until payment has been completed. Pledging, security transfer, processing or modification before property transfer are not allowed without our consent.

§ 6 Shipment and transfer of risk

(1) Unless explicitly agreed otherwise, we will decide on shipment method and carrier at our reasonable discretion.
(2) If you are a consumer the risk of accidental destruction, damage or loss of the delivered goods will be transferred to you at the moment of delivery or if you incur acceptance delay. In all other cases the risk will be transferred to you at delivery to the carrier.
(3) Should not all ordered products be in stock we are entitled to partial deliveries at our cost insofar as this is reasonable to you.

§ 7 Guarantee

Guarantees are provided in accordance with legal provision. 

§ 8 Limitation of liability

We rule out our liability for mildly negligent breaches of duty unless they concern essential contractual obligations, damages due to injuries to life, body or health, or affect claims according to product liability law. The same applies to breaches of duty of our vicarious agents.

§ 9 Force majeure

(1) In case that we cannot fulfill our obligations due to force majeure (especially war, natural disasters) we will be relieved of our obligations for the duration of the obstruction. 
(2) Should fulfillment of our obligations be impossible for the duration of more than one month you are entitle to contract cancellation.

§ 10 Final provisions

(1) Subject to mandatory compulsory regulation under international private law the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany under exclusion of the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods apply.
(2) Place of jurisdiction is Hamburg inasmuch as you are a merchant in terms of § 1 (1) of the commercial code (HGB), a legal entity of public law, or a special fund under public law. In all other cases we or you can file suit before any court relevant according to legal regulations.

II. Customer information on distance selling regulations

1. Information about identity of the vendor

HF Boy Handelsgesellschaft mbH,
represented by the managing director Mr. Holger Boy

Von-Kurtzrock-Ring 16,
22391 Hamburg,
Phone: +49-40-226 129 76

Commercial Register: district court Hamburg, Germany,
commercial register number HR B 79867
Sales tax identification number: DE118664715

2. Information on the essential characteristics of the goods

The essential characteristics derive from the respective product descriptions. 

3. Information on the creation of the contract

The contract between iSC and the customer is created according to provision of § 2 of the general terms and conditions presented above. 

4. Information on payment and delivery

Payment takes place according to provision of § 4 of the general terms and conditions presented above. Delivery takes place according to provision of § 6 of the general terms and conditions presented above. 

5. Information on the technical steps leading to contract conclusion

The contract is concluded through the customer's offer and its acceptance by HF Boy Handelsgesellschaft mbH.
5.1 The customer is guided through the single technical steps until the dispatch of the online order form through the lettering and buttons of the user interface. The customer can using the common keyboard and mouse commands to move forward and backward and correct input mistakes. 

6. Storage and accessibility of the contract text

HF Boy Handelsgesellschaft mbH stores the contract in internal systems. Customers with personal customer user accounts have through this the option to permanently view the orders placed since the opening of the account. In all other cases the order data are for security reasons no longer accessible through the Internet after conclusion of the order.

7. Information on the technical means through which input mistakes can be recognized and corrected before contract conclusion

The customer can before the binding placement of his order continuously correct his input using the usual keyboard and mouse commands. Furthermore all input will be displayed once again before the binding submission in a confirmation screen where the customer can correct it as well using the common keyboard and mouse commands. 

8. Information on languages available for contract conclusion

For contract conclusion only the German language is available.

9. Information on the code of conduct

HF Boy Handelsgesellschaft mbH has not subjected itself to any code of conduct.

10.Online Dispute Resolution

The European Commission’s official website for Online Dispute Resolution is available under "".

Status as of: 08-02-2018


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