Tilting Windows

Installation - Tips for Boy tilting window nets

The BOY tilting window nets are to be attached to the window frame and the window sash using the supplied adhesive hooks. In order to keep the adhesive hook later precisely on the window frame, the splices must be thoroughly cleaned (see photo).




Tilting window net
position of the mounting hooks:
5 hooks on each side of the window
a total of 10 hooks 

After finishing the cleaning, the splice adhesive hooks are to be affixed. Please pay attention to the direction of the hook. Hook o. 1 should be down, hook no. 3 + 4 are upwards and hook no. 2 + 5 each for the glass pane... 
Please press the hooks well. The hooks may be pressed the first time after half an hour. Only then should you hook the net. 

Before you hook the nets, the cat net needs to be adjusted to the window size and the gap of the tip opening of your window. The included nets are suitable for window openings with an opening width (above) at a max. of 30 cms and a length of max. 120 cms. If the tip opening is smaller, the nets have to be reduced to fit in the width and the height (cut to size). The width of the net is chosen correctly, when the net in both of the upper hooks (hooks 3 + 4) can be hooked. Then add to each side of the net a row of stitches to get some added security, before cutting down the excess net with a pair of household scissors. Please make sure that you cut in the row of stitches. 

After the net is cut to size, it can be hanged up. In order to do that, you have to slightly fold the sash (about 1 cm). Start with hook no. 1. Here, the net is already hooked to the used ring.
Afterwards, the net is hooked to hook 3 and 4 and then to hook 2 + 5. The net should hang in the hook slightly tensioned. 

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