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Window protection with our window net frames


Normal windows can easily be protected with our net framework. The frame can be either clamped into the open windows. In that caseFensterschutz - Boy-Katzennetze the window protection - Boy cat net naturally has to be taken out every single time when the window is closed, or if drilling is allowed, the frame can also be mounted from the outside front of the window with some hooks and screws. A further possibility to fasten the frame is with a silicone adhesive. In this case, the facade is not damaged and the silicone adhesive can be removed later. 

Should you opt for the solution with our frame network, please do not forget to order the network ties as well. It facilitates the attachment of the net on the frame. 

Also check out our video clip for that. 

Fensterrahmen mit Netz


Katzenfenster Rahmen















  1. Cat Net Frame to secure your window - standard size

    Cat Net Frame to secure your window - standard size

    Adjustable Net-Frame to make your windows cat safe. It comes with a white Boy-Cat net in 20mm mesh. The Net-Frame can be easily fitted into an open window frame. . The adjustable size of the Net-Frame is from 80 x 100cm in the width and from 140 x 155cm in the height. Please note: The Net-Frame must be taken out before the window can be closed.

    Available in the colors: baked enamel finish in white and brown

    Price: €89.95 per Set
    Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
    Lieferzeit 3 Working Days - ex Warehouse

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