Cat Safe Windows 


The problem in the summer is that when it's hot, you cannot open the window because your cat will run... 

Below we have demonstrated some opportunities how the different types of windows can be made cat safe. Of course, there are other possibilities, but we leave them to your crafting skills.... 

Tilting windows
These can perfectly secured the Boy tilting window net. With 10 adhesive hooks the two net scarves are attached to the window closed at the sides. The nets do not need to be removed when closing. They loosely hang down the sides of the window. 

are difficult to secure. Unfortunately, there are no ready-made, commercially available solutions for the securing of such windows. One possibility to get the window cat-safe would be to attach the net edges from the inside with hooks. The disadvantage of such a design is that the roof window cannot be wide open. Another possibility would be, for example, to stretch the cats net from the wide open roof window. More under skylight. 

Normal window
can easily protect yourself with our window frame. The frame can be clamped into the open windows either, must then of course every time the window is closed, or taken out of the frame is attached to the outside front of the window. More about that under skylights.