Garden security


The garden is a cat's dream. Freedom begins here. Unfortunately, dangers are lurking behind the garden fence, whether it be a busy road or a neighbor who doesn't like cats. To avoid these dangers, it shouldn't leave the garden. 

And there begins the problem. To make a garden truly impossible to escape from is extremely difficult and costly. A tree at the edge of the garden or a small hole somewhere in the fence already offers the ideal escape route. 

There are numerous ways to make a garden or at least a part of the garden safe for cats. In many cases, for example, the existing fence with a cat net and a couple of telescopic poles can make sure cats will stay in their intended area. 

A cat enclosure also presents itself to the garden. We believe this is the safest way to protect cats. The size of a cat enclosure depends on the available space and of course the wallet. The are no limits in designing a cat enclosure. With some imagination, the enclosure could become a climbing paradise. Your cat will feel comfortable in such a reserve. It has the necessary outlet and is protected at the same time.