Assembly Instructions

Assembly instructions for our Boy-Cat-Net door


Our door can be relatively easily assembled. The best way is on the carpet or on the lawn. Unpack all the parts. Please check from the list of parts to be sure that all parts are present. Place all parts on the carpet as they are shown in the sketch. After all parts are in the correct positions, you get an idea of how the door will look in a few minutes. 

Now plug in the pipe parts into each other, as shown in the sketch. The width of the door can variably be adjusted from 80 to 120 cms and the height from 180 cms to 220 cms. After all parts are assembled, screw the locking hook (lock) in the hole provided in the center bar. 

Please check whether the assembled door corresponds with the desired measures. Now the cat network can be attached to the frame. In order to do this, put the net on the frame. Make sure that the horizontal and vertical rows of stitches are parallel to the frame. 

The easiest way to attach the net to the frame is with our net ties. Naturally, you can also use net yarn if you wish. If you do not shy away from the work, the individual pipe segments can be threaded through the cat net. Not quite as easy.... 
It’s best to start with the upper part of the frame. Then unplug the net to the lower frame and fasten it into place. Before you attach it, please stretch well. The net is then attached to the central strut and the two longitudinal sides. Please also pay attention here that the net should be stretched, because by the strained net the door receives greater stability. 

Before you cut off any excess net at the sides, please check again the dimensions of the door. If need be, the size needs to be readjusted. Please tighten the fixing screws well. 

Now the door can be mounted either on the wall or on the wooden frame. Screw the bottom hinge onto its planned place. Replace the door with the lower hook. Now, mark the exact positions of the two upper hinges. 

After the upper hinges had been fastened as well, the door can be installed correctly. Now the eye screw only has to be screwed – for the locking hooks – in a way that the locking hooks can be hooked and unhooked effortlessly. 

You've done it - congratulations.

  1. Net Frame Door - for balconies and patios - standard

    Net Frame Door - for balconies and patios - standard

    This Cat Net Door can be used for most terraces and balconies doors. The size of the door frame is adjustable from 80cm to 120cm in the width and 180cm to 220cm in the hight. Set contains door net, frame and hinges.

    Available in the colors: white and brown

    Price: €94.95 per Set
    Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
    Lieferzeit 3 Days

    In stock

  2. Net-Ties - length 150mm

    Net-Ties - length 150mm

    With these 150mm long Net-Ties it is very easy to attach a Boy-Cat-Net to a rails or telescopic rods.
    Price: €3.45 per Set
    Incl. 19% VAT, Excl. shipping
    Lieferzeit 3 Days - ex Warehouse

    In stock