Cat Safe Balcony


If you believe that cats might have seven lives, then read no further! We all know that even your own cat only has one. Protecting it is our main concern - we want to assist you in this through our many years of experience, and a proven product range of BOY-Cat Safety Nets and ingenious mounting accessories.
Balconies and windows, especially, create a scenario in which a cat, following its innate hunting instinct, will not recognize the danger and fall off, just because there is a bird is flying by.
To prevent this and keep them safe, in addition to the proven and extensive BOY-Cat Safety Net line, we also offer an extensive range of accessories, whereby the reliable protection of the cat is guaranteed. 
We offer a broad selection of different BOY-Cat Safety Nets, so that all cats, from the small ones to the very large, are protected. Our selection leaves nothing to be desired.
In order to cat-proof your balcony, BOY-Cat Safety Nets are very important, but not having the required mounting accessories just makes it extremely difficult to achieve. 
Our range of accessories includes a proven and extensive selection of hooks, lines, telescopic rods, and the mounting brackets to install them. Everything that is needed to securely install a cat net in a balcony and in the garden. 
If you have any questions about individual items, just give us a call, because it is not always easy to find the right cat net or mounting accessory items for the balcony or garden.