Form of withdrawal

It happens that one or the other product does not conform to their own ideas or you do not need as many parts as were ordered. This is not a problem for us. 

Out of the right of withdrawal / exchange the following items are excluded, however: 
- All networks or items (e.g. lead line), which were individually tailored for your statement in the length or height 
- Books, insofar as they are no longer in their original packaging 

If you want to cancel the contract, then please fill out this form and click on 'Submit'. 

Hereby I / we revoke the contract completed by me / us on the purchase of the following goods / order of the following services 

Please complete the following form carefully. Please use the item numbers listed in the bill. If the item is defective, please briefly describe what is wrong, so in the camp, the part can be treated accordingly. 

Please repack all unnecessary parts well again, so that a safe carriage of the item(s) is guaranteed. 

ATTENTION: Please do not return anything without first having filled in the form. 


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