Net Yarn, Length 20m, white

Net Yarn, to be used to tie the nets to railings or to telescopic rods. It has a diameter of appr. 1 mm and is 20m long. It is also very helpfull if you need to attach two pieces of nets together or if you have to repair it.

Available in the colors : olive green and white

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Net Yarn can be used for a lot of thinks. You need it if you have to repair holes in you cat net or you can fix the net to the rods or railings. This yarn has a diameter of appr. 1 mm and is 20m long

Available in the colors: olive green and white

Available length : 10m, 20m and appr. 250m

weight (in kg) 0.030
delivery time 3 Days - ex Warehouse
Article Number 450232
Color black
Length 20m
Diameter ca. 1,5mm
Tensile strength ca. 50kg
Use To repair holes in the cat net or to fix it to the railing or rods.
Weight per pice ca. 40 Gramm

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