Cat Proof Balcony Netting, transparent in 50mm mesh, yarn 0.6mm Ø

This high-quality transparent Boy-Cat-Net is suitable for normal and large cats. It has a reinforced border on the upper longitudinal side (see details). This transparent Cat-Net can be used on balconies and terraces.  The Cat-Net is UV-stabilized and highly tear resistant.

Standard Heights: 1m, 2m and 3m and length up to 50m 

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  • Buy 100 square meter with 25% discount each for €3.64

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Price - Overview


Cat-Net in 50mm mesh size
Price per m² Price per m² Price per m² Price per m²
from 100m² from 50m² from 15m² up to 15m²

Standard Hights - 1m, 2m und 3m

€ 3,64 € 3,88 € 4,37 € 4,85

Transparent cat net for balconies and terraces. Extremely tear-resistant, high-quality, weather-resistant monofilament, proven technology node with a square mesh shape. To shifting node, such as can occur with cheap imports, it's a thing of the past. The Cat Netting is very unobtrusive and almost offers undisturbed views. Create your four-legged friend a little fresh air paradise. With a transparent BOY-Cat-Net you are protecting your cat from falling down from the balcony and providing more freedom of movement. Light, air and always something to see - the conditions for healthy and balanced indoor cats. How nice it would be if you do not have to worry anymore. 

This extra strong cat net with 50mm mesh is suitable for normal to large cats.

NEW - all transparent BOY Cats Nets in the standard heights of 1m, 2m and 3m have been provided with a reinforced net border to the upper longitudinal side.

To avoid problems when mounting the transparent cat net, we strongly recommend to read our instruction manual (see Downloads - bottom).




Individual net sizes :
from a minimum size of 10 m² per net, we can cut your BOY Cat Net in accordance to your specifications.

Reinforced border: In order to avoid that the end mesh will tear off later, we can mount on request a reinforced border to the net. This border is made out of an approximately 3mm robe sewn with a sewing machine to the end mesh of the cat net. [Please click on 'ADVANCED OPTIONS'].

Lead rope with mounting: Do you want to install the Boy-Cat-Net like a curtain at your balcony, so that it can slide to the side when it is not needed? Then we recommend to equip the net with a lead rope at the bottom so that the net will hang down properly. For large and heavy cats, we recommend our lead rope with a weight of 400 grams per meter.

Please consider for the above mentioned options a delivery time of 4 weeks. Of course, we strive to deliver faster.


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weight (in kg) 1
delivery time 3 Days - ex Warehouse
Article Number 22500
Color transparent
UV-Protected UV-Stabilized
Reinforced Selvage Top length side
Yarn diameter 0.6 mm Ø
Tensile strength ca. 22 kg
Use Balcony, Terrace and Loggia
Gewicht per m² ca. 60 Gramm
Min. Net Size 3 m²
Hight of net 1.0m .| 1.5m .| 2.0m .| 2.5m .| 3.0m
Net - Length Standard Länge: bis max. 50m. Individuelle Länge: ab 50m - nach Ihren Vorgaben.

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