Boy-Cat-Net - Discount program for Animal shelter associations


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 

Thank you for your interest in our new cat aid program for animal welfare organizations and animal shelters. We sell cat nets out of passion and are happy to support you as an institution in your important work. We offer all animal welfare organizations and shelters the opportunity to shop for discounted prices at us and to reveal their identity by their banner at the same time. 

We look forward to working with you! 

Kind regards, your
Boy-Cat-Net Team 


This is how you sign up: 

Step I 

If you are not yet our customer, please register at our shop. (Please don’t forget your personally selected password - you will need it later again to log in)

Step II 

Please fill in completely the following information sheet and then click on "Send". Giving these pieces of information is important so that we can assign your association proof later. Send us then a proof that your institution is registered at ASPCA or recognized as a shelter. You can send us the proof by email, fax or post. After carrying out the verification, we will activate your account for the discount program and you will receive a special discount in the future on all orders. 
We ask for your understanding that we cannot publish our discount rates at this point, but we will send them to you after having received your proof. 

Here is how things continue: 

At your next purchase in our online shop please log in with your e-mail address specifically chosen by you at the registration and your personally selected password. You then have the opportunity to review your personal data and to change them if necessary. Your special discount will be deducted from all new orders in the future. 
Very important: Your registration and the special discount are linked to your e-mail address. If you get a new e-mail address, you must change this in your account. This is the only way to ensure that you automatically receive the breeder’s discount for your further orders.

One final note: 

The claim to the special discount for Animal welfare association & shelters begins after your activation to the discount program has been completed. A retroactive granting of special discount on orders already placed is unfortunately not possible. 

If you have a banner for your website, we gladly take this into our "Recommendations" section. Simply upload your banner in jpg format to the following online form. We will then publish it with a link to your website. 

SPCA / shelter - Discount form 


Name of Animal Shelter:* Street:* City:* Contact Firstname:* Contact Lastname:* Banner (Image- .jpg): Captcha:* captcha code reload email* Phone No.:*